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How long will it take until my photos are finished? 

It takes two-three weeks for senior and family shoots and eight - nine for weddings! :) 

I have NO ideas on what to wear for my shoot. Can you help me?

Yes!! We will be there the day of your shoot to help you select outfits based on your style, personality and locations. 

I want some photos done with my mom, boyfriend, sisters or friends. Is that extra?

It won’t be extra if they want to jump in a couple of photos with you. If you want a whole outfit or more with these people then we will charge for that! 

I want to print my photos, where is the best place to print them from?

There is a print lab, White House Custom Color that is linked to your online gallery. I do not suggest printing from local stores, pharmacies, etc. 

Do I get to pick my locations or do you? 

You are welcome to select your locations. If you have no idea where you want to take them, we can select them for you based on your ideas and style! :) 


What if I don’t like the location that you select when we get there?

If you do not like the location that we select when we arrive, you will be charged for the additional mileage to the next location. 


I just don’t feel prepared for my photoshoot tomorrow. Can we go ahead and reschedule?

If you reschedule or cancel your shoot 72 hours before the photoshoot your deposit will not be refunded to the reschedule date. You will have to pay the deposit again, unless there is a death in the family or bad weather. If you give us a notice that you need to reschedule prior to the 72 hours the deposit will be credited to your reschedule date. 


How far in advance should I book my senior photos?

We recommend booking at least three months in advance. Summer spots book up quick!! Fall is also a fan favorite!


I want a CD in addition to my online gallery. Can I get one?

You can buy a CD for an additional cost! 


What will we do if it rains the day of my shoot?

We will reschedule with you! We can’t control the weather so DON’T worry!! 


I have a yearbook deadline soon, what if my photos aren’t done in time?

We can get them to you! Just ask us for our expediting fees! :) 


I got my senior photos done today and I want them done tomorrow. Can we get them tomorrow?

Of course! Ask us for about expediting and our expediting fees!


Can I ride with you to the different locations? 

We do not allow our clients to ride with us for liability reasons as well as our cars are usually loaded down with equipment! 


Who can I bring to my photoshoot?

You can bring whoever you want or you can come by yourself! It is totally up to you!!


I want this black and white photo in color or vice versa can you do that?

I edit my photos with a certain idea in mind, if you want me to change an edit there will be an additional charge.


I want more photos can I get more than what is included in my package?

 Yes, but they will be an additional charge! 


You can send me more photos than what’s included in the package, I don’t care if they’re edited are not. Is that okay?

I do not release unedited photos to my clients. 


Are your packages adjustable? 

No, nothing is adjustable. You are welcome to add things for an additional fee. :)


Is everything in the package included or is it optional?

It is all included, but you don’t HAVE to do everything. The price will not be adjusted, however.  


 I have a specific hair or makeup idea- can we do this for my senior photos?

Yes! Send us a photo or bring it with you the day of your shoot and we will take a look at it! :)

I like this pose and location can we do something similar? 

We customize all of our shoots to your specific and unique style! We don’t want your photos to look like everyone else! However, we do like to see style ideas and location ideas so we capture your ideas perfectly!

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