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February of this year we travelled to Aruba with my parents. I didn't really know anything about the country except what I had learned in school or seen on TV so I had no idea what to expect getting off the plane. Once I stepped off I was totally surprised at how beautiful the country was hot off the tarmac.

There are cacti everywhere, the water is the bluest blue that you can ever imagine and there are so so many friendly people.

Needless to say, I was pumped to get this trip started.

Here is a glimpse of what it looks like: no, I didn't edit these- the water is THAT blue.

One day we decided to go on an ATV tour over the non commercial part of the island. We toured old churches, structures, and beaches. Our last stop was one of the natural pools of Aruba, some days you can swim in them, but the waves were HUGE the day that we went so the pools were closed. The architecture of Aruba both man made and natural is breath taking. The picture of the little stones stacked up is a compilation of people's dreams over the years. You stack a certain amount of rocks on the beach and make a wish and it is supposed to come true. That was such fun and neat experience getting to find your own rocks and make your wish.

The other days were fun as well, we just lounged around the beach, drinks some really awesome smoothies from the smoothie bar, swam in the ocean, ate at some yummy restaurants and enjoyed one another's company.

If you ever get the opportunity to travel to Aruba, I would definitely recommend it. It's breathtaking.

Don't catch the travel bug,


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